English Version - a very short brief about our company:

Nour Al Urdun for Continuing Legal Education is a Limited Liability Civil Company holding and operating under the registered trademark CLE Jordan.

CLE Jordan is the first specialized Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider in Jordan. It is located in the capital Amman.

We provide practical, professional, local and international training in advanced and basic legal subjects.


Projects in our portfolio include:

* The Professional Diploma In Contemporary Legal Practices in Association with the University of Jordan - Center of Consultations:

(May-August 2011) 154 Training hours in 7 subjects of commercial law. The Diploma modules were:

  1. Corporate Practice Issues – Including Companies' Transformation, Mergers and Acquisitions (in partnership with Hadidi & Co).
  2. Commercial and Investment Law (in partnership with Armouti & Co).
  3. Legal Applications in the Jordanian Insurance Industry (in partnership with the Jordan Federation of Insurance Companies).
  4. Contemporary Banking Law and Practice.
  5. Real Estate and Construction Law and its Practice (in partnership with the National Law Center).
  6. Contract Drafting – Chosen Contract Forms (in partnership with Hamdan & Co.).
  7. Income and Sales Tax Law.

** The Goodwill Symposium (26 Feb 2012)

For more information or any inquiries, please contact nsultan@clejordan.com